Content Warning: Mental Health

I want to wrap you in cotton candy

And let the sugar-spun serotonin

Sweeten your synapses

Icing on a helter-skelter smile

Styled behind a giant teddy bear

Won in a game rigged against you

You, who I hold in the hall of mirrors

Your smile a reflection of something you once felt

Melting as your mind wanders to something else

Beyond the twinkling of the carousel’s cassette

Forgetting wisps of wintered memories

Woven in rollercoasters and teacup rides

Our laughter in the waves of the water slide

I stand beside your ghost in the haunted house

Then lead you to the Merry-Go-Round

Where we spin into silky silence

And I try to wrap you in cotton candy

Until there is nothing I can do

But hold your hand

As your cotton candy soul

Dissolves in the rain

About the Author

Izzy Searle is a dyspraxic writer from Sussex with a First-Class degree in English and Creative Writing from Warwick University. Her work appears in Blue Marble Review, Olney Magazine, Discretionary Love, Re-Side, and Streetcake Magazine. In her spare time, Izzy loves to hike. She is @Izzy_Searle on Twitter, @izzysearlewriter on Instagram, and her writing can be found at