It is March Again

It is March again

with drowsy Dahlias on my terrace swaying to the tune of the gentle zephyr

as I hide my face under my thick blanket

I realize that the piercing winter is departing

with wistful eyes that are moist with tears

ruminating on what you put me through years ago

this act of being a champion in forgiving and forgetting

is slowly becoming difficult to continue

how long can one hide? there is a limit to everything

how can I conceal what is inside my heart: a fusion of brokenness and light

this light has been suppressed for so long that it has started doubting its potency

how can I hide that which has made my countenance perpetually grim?

my mother brings some butter croissants

with a large jar of Nutella

for she believes these little goodies make me happy;

they do help me put my feet on the ground

what have you done to me? I have started spreading chocolate on everything

as if to tell the world I have moved on

how can a man who has embraced bitterness as his best friend

love anything sweet?

how has this repugnance changed into an addiction?

as I lick the chocolate again, my mother tells me:

heal and move on

how can I move on, mother?

how can I forget the words that made my heart scream

until the voice inside it turned raspy

when all it wanted was to smile

how can I forget how my seemingly colourful childhood wasn't colourful at all?


I do not remember anything about smiling except that

it had something to do with the movement of my lips and cheeks

how can I forget how a junior had the power to ruin my personality?

I am twenty-two years old with a skull resembling scalding tea

do not touch me, you will only burn yourself.

About the Author

Afra Ahmad is a writer, poet, and artist. Based in Saudi Arabia, she holds a Bachelor's degree in English Literature. She writes about everything under the sun: from dark issues of society to problems faced by teenagers to imparting chunks of wisdom through her poems, stories and write-ups. Her works have appeared Blue Minaret, Her Hearth, Melbourne Culture Corner, Iman collective, MYM, Rather Quiet, Broken Spine.