saint souls & calling God every night

saint souls

rotten crowd that’s not worth even a part of you

single stars that shine through the avenue

shall i cover in green envy of my doom

or shall i call you the last person in the room

all i ever want for thyself is to be enough

heart full of promises covered in dust

take a look at the grey fog in the mirror

perhaps one day you can see thyself clearer

almighty saint soul that i had

never would be written in the prophecy of the God

Lies of my tongue are an inevitable curse

never would be written in the providence of the Universe

calling God every night

I am a person in heaven

thinking it’s living hell

Why does it feel so heavy?

When will my suffering end?

calling god every night

feels like a fucking fight

neither dead, not yet alive

why does he love some more than I

more than I, my heart, and blood

why doesn’t he answer some of the nights

why would he leave me alone sometimes

Is it because I forget he’s alive?

or is it because I am doomed in a night?

About the Author

Victoria Hundred,