Stellar Remnants

I’ve oriented myself around a celestial rite, this ritual; swallow nightly a handful of pills - a hand-held solar system. You watch, Earthbound from the doorway.

I wish you would come closer or leave my gravity altogether, but this hovering, distant orbit leaves a worse taste in my mouth than the medicine.

Oh, I am deeply feeling. To distraction, destruction, dizzied in the constellation of bright spots in my vision from staring too long in the presence of unshaded light bulbs.

Shuffling in the twinkling dark to squeeze past you in the hall, I am as silent as space, as void as the night and just as too-close, suffocated by the potential.

There is more out there, I would hope, but I am deftly drowning in a sea of stars, wishing you would let me go, to drift, to dissolve to stardust with the supernova settling in my stomach.

About the Author

L.M. Cole is an emerging poet from the East Coast. Her work has previously been published in Strukturriss Magazine in 2022. She has no formal training and is otherwise unqualified to call herself a poet, and yet, still does.